Eric Lugosch


Eric Lugosch is one of the most creative heads of the American acoustic guitar scene. Like his colleague Duck Baker  who is also one of his greatest fans he very skillfully combines technical know-how with musical expressiveness. Lugosch is a fellow who tinkers, who consistently seeks musical depth in his arrangements and whose artistic concept is marked by both respect of tradition as well as uncompromising originality. His spectrum of color embraces the entire range of American music, be that ragtime, blues, R&B or jazz. The hallmark of this American fingerstylist consists of an elegant, vigorous tone and a twinkling humor while playing, that inevitably peers charmingly through his music.
Lugosch, who hails from Philadelphia, chalked up his first musical experience as a singer in the "Philadelphia Boys Choir," an experience that continues to echo in him to this day: "I began listening to music with an ear for the orchestral. Motifs and lines are still central elements in my way of composing." At the age of twelve he started secretly practicing on his brother's guitar and delved into the pickings of Rev. Gary Davis and Mississippi John Hurt "For me, it was solo guitar right from the start", Lugosch recalls. "I experimented a great deal, worked out lines, and was always on the lookout for the orchestral sound of the instrument." He seems to have found it, even winning the 1984 "National Fingerpicking Championship." Eric Lugosch lives in Evanston, Illinois, where he writes, teaches and continues developing his own personal vision of fingerstyle guitar beyond all clich̩es.

From Eric - Welcome Kamp members to Steve Kaufman’s 2019 traditional music Kamp. I had the pleasure to be an instructor here two years ago and must say that it was truly a great experience with such a group of gifted, excellent instructors.

I really think it’s an event that not only will bring a lifetime’s worth of memories, but also a group of teachers who really care about their craft and want to instill confidence and practical guidance to all levels of ability. This year I’m honored to be working with two of the best teacher/guitarists in the world…Mary Flower and Clive Carroll….I mean, WOW! Couldn’t ask for better stable mates. Both Mary and Clive bring such different and well thought out lessons for students of all interests and ability.

It’s really going to be a pleasure to sit down, listen and learn from these inspired educators.

This time I’ll be bringing back some lessons that were really enjoyed by my students in 2017 and also some new material. From beginners to advanced players, I think everyone should get a wide selection to choose from. As always, I be bringing my big books of lessons to share, and like 2017, I’ll also be available for some private lessons and hopefully helpful advice.

Hundreds of performances over the years, including opening for: Taj Mahal, Doc Watson, John Prine, Leon Redbone and David Bromberg, as well as being the featured act on many a stage across the country. He has also shared the bill with other great guitar players, bluegrass, folk, jazz, and blues bands, and a myriad of collaborations with other top-notch musicians from around the globe.
His stellar playing, recordings and good humor have led to invitations to play around the world, including grand acclaim at the International Festival of Guitarists Meeting in Sarzana, Italy, the Stamford International Guitar Festival in England, the Ullapool, Guitar Festival in Scotland and the Merseyside Guitar Festival in Liverpool, doing concerts and workshops. His most recent tours have been to Tokyo, Hungary, Germany and Italy, all wildly successful and great fun.
Eric is the 1984 National Fingerpicking Champion, winning over an incredibly talented field of players from around the globe. Other years he placed 3rd twice and 2nd once, was in the top five finalists every year he attended and was also a contest judge.
A new CD has just been released, on the Acoustic Music label, entitled "New Tradtion". "Lugosch strolls with his ragtime guitar into the home turfs of folk, blues, pop and jazz shepherding contradictory impulses into harmonic bliss like a global musical peacekeeper" Justin Hayford, Chicago Reader, May 9, 2004
Eric has five previous recordings.
1985 self-release "Strike", suite for guitar, flute and bass.
1989 self-release "I Wanna Know".
1994 Waterdog Records release "Making Models"
1997 Acoustic Music release "Black Key Blues", a well reviewed CD that brought Eric into the national spotlight.
1999 Acoustic Music release "Kind Heroes"
2004 Acoustic Music release "New Tradition"
2008 Self-released, "REVision", the Music of Gary Davis
Eric has taught at the famous Old Town School of Folk Music, in Chicago, for 14 years, classes and private lessons. He has also recently launched a series of lessons with MP3s and tabulature on his website that is wildly successful with new and old students alike.
He previously taught at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, when he lived in Milwaukee, as well as hundreds of students privately over the years.
Important Accomplishment
21 inch Brown Trout, Pennsylvania, August 31, 2003, on a 5x tippet. Caught and released.